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“THANK YOU, to all of the Pup Students!"

"We really appreciate you!" 

Rudy, AK9T 3.5 y/o Red Nose Pitbull

Past Pup Students: Quote

"Natalie is amazing! She came to our home and worked with our puppy, myself, and my 7 year old daughter. She uses “real life” training techniques and has such a vast amount of knowledge to share with us dog owners. She is readily available to answer any questions and truly cares about everyone!" - CT

Tank, 1 y/o Yorkshire Terrier

"I have a bit of a unique situation, as we have four dogs. It’s somewhat tricky working with them one on one, but Natalie has helped me figure out how to manage them individually. They all love her and there’s no better recommendation than that!!!" - CG

Arnold & Palmer: 1.5 y/o English Mastiff, & 3 y/o English Mastiff
Mildred & Ralph: 4 y/o Scottish Terrier & 2.5 y/o Scottish Terrier

"Natalie is incredibly knowledgeable, experienced, and compassionate with dogs of all sizes, ages, and backgrounds! She was able to help us work through standard “undesirable puppy behaviors” as well as work through having a new puppy join a household with an adult dog. Natalie was flexible with training times and locations, as well as always bringing new and fun techniques to get the desired results we were looking for in our dogs." - KC

Lola & Mia, 5 m/o Pitt-Terrier Mix & 3 y/o Pitt/Pointer Mix

Past Pup Students: Testimonials
Past Pup Students: Testimonials

"I rescued my 9-year-old Karl (border collie/terrier) about two years ago. Found wandering on the streets with no information. The first day I brought him home he showed extreme possessive behavior over toys and digging, and choked himself the whole time while walking. I messaged Natalie and she came out for a consultation the following week. After one session he was already learning “heel” and auto sit. After 3 sessions he was comfortable with the e-collar and a whole new dog. Karl receives compliments on his manners from almost every person he meets or we walk past. I don’t think I could have learned how to help Karl adjust from his previous life’s bad behaviors without Natalie’s knowledge, expertise, and dedication. Karl and I developed a bond that I’ve never had with previous dogs and I know it’s because of the respect we gained through obedience training. Thank you Axel’s K9 Training! 
- Tess & Karl

Karl, 9 y/o Border Collie / Terrier Mix

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